Consultants - Business Development


Clark Squires

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Clark has been President, COO, SVP and Director of leading American and Canadian companies involved in the development and management of hotels, technology and commercial real estate. Over his 37 year career Clark has secured investment, leased thousands of square feet of commercial real estate, landed major contracts across the globe for hotel provisioning software and digital media and helped develop & manage over 100 hotels in the USA and Canada. Clark is certified by Cornell University Hotel Real Estate program and studied regional and urban development and marketing at St. Mary’s University. Over the course of his career he has developed extensive business relationships globally with some of the most cost-effective manufacturers in the world. He brings his extraordinary experience and skills to guide us to cutting edge technology at best-in-class pricing. This allows us to provide our customers a world-class experience with unique, differentiated products.

Al Turnbeaugh

Indiana, USA

With a degree from Baylor University in Biology and Chemistry, Al was able to skip his Master’s Degree and go directly into a PhD program in Renal Physiology at University of Illinois at the Medical Center in Chicago all to find his true calling was in sales and marketing.

Versed in years of building businesses both for Multinational Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurial startups Al has a knack for distilling the essence of a business, no matter how complex and delivering the message in such a way that everyone can easily understand and take definite action upon. Al quickly found that all companies big and small, dream stage or expansion stage, needed funding.  However the quick call to an investor or angel was not the easy task that the supplicants assumed it was. It became clear that there are a lot of steps that have to happen in order for that magic phone call, introduction and eventual influx of funds to take place successfully.

While both analytical , due to his research background and with a penchant for the arts and humorous story telling the perfect storm results in the AlChemist…perfectly blending the art and science of business into gold.

Milton F. Bastidas, DC

Houston, Texas, USA

Dr. Milton Bastidas was born in Colombia and is a graduate of Texas Chiropractic College with additional certification in Functional Medicine. He is Founder of True Lifelong Wellness Center and has been in practice since 1998 for the treatment of skeletal conditions, sports injuries, and systemic disorders. Dr. Bastidas is also Vice President for the College of Integrative Medicine (CIM) as well as Director of Research and Development at Transformation Enzyme Corporation.

Dr. Bastidas has a passion for soccer which put him through college at Texas Lutheran University and is very sought after in the soccer community for rehabilitation and nutritional counseling. He is also an expert in the use of laboratory analysis and enzyme nutrition as part of a functional and natural approach to well‐being. As a lead researcher in Transformation Enzyme Corporation’s research and development team, Dr. Bastidas has co‐directed two clinical studies showing the benefits of enzyme supplementation on systemic inflammation and gastrointestinal dysfunction as well as a most recent pilot study on the effects of enzyme therapy on Glyphosate detoxification.

Dr. Bastidas lives in Houston, TX, with his family. He is currently involved in developing specific treatment protocols depending on the biochemical individuality of the patient.

Richard Kirby

Boston MA USA

Richard started his career in college working in the computer room and Bank of  New England where he learned the  ins and outs of all mainframe computers. From there Rich bought his first Irish Pub and got the entrepreneur bug.  By the time he got out of the business he owned or managed 8 pubs in the Boston area.  After starting a family Richard turned to bringing companies public and was involved in everything from sports drinks, alternative energy,  cannabis,  bike sharing and carbon credit endeavors. Richard has been buying and selling PPE futures for the last two years.

Todd Morgan

Los Angeles, California

Todd Morgan is a seasoned and diverse executive with broad experience and expertise spanning several industries. Executing go to market and growth strategies as business development, sales and marketing in Fortune 50 companies and launching startup companies and entrepreneurial ventures creating, personally funding and managing new companies. Understanding the markets, solutions and end customer needs and aligning solutions do drive value for the customer producing successful customer experiences while growing revenue and market share for the company.

Alvin D. James

Atlanta Georgia

Alvin is a Serial Entrepreneur, Start-up Venture Capitalist, Global Marketing, Promotions and Branding Executive specializing in niche-marketing, funding and new business development for corporations, entrepreneurs, celebrities, and high-profile national brands. Additionally, Mr James has an extensive background and understanding of how broadcast technology relates to content, distribution and branding. In both large corporations and entrepreneurial environments, he has developed and launched various free-over-the-air networks and cable network initiatives.